Music to Work By. REM Love.


Yesterday was a LONG day. I left Grand Haven at 6am to get to Ann Arbor to shoot a couple engagement sessions in the morning (the Michigan Theater agreed to change the marquee for one of my couples to use as their Save the Date, isn't that cute?), then I headed over to Bloomfield Hills for a family session and ended the day by meeting a new couple in Lansing for a drink (also, they ordered tater tot nachos by the time i had arrived Especially seeing as I hadn't eaten all day....Wow.)  As I left Lansing, the sun had set and it was pushing 9pm, and I still had a nearly 2 hour drive to get back to Grand Haven.  

Spotify was getting boring with Taylor Swift on repeat and I found myself reflecting on being a teenager, late night driving with friends, going back and forth to the east side of the state for horse shows (also remember how I was allowed to drive alone to Flint for Win A Gin when I was 16 years old and to Detroit for Motor City...all parents must have trusted me! What?), so I found the REM Automatic For the People album and just reveled in it for the remainder of the drive.  


Today I'm back here in Grand Haven, nursing what appears to be the beginnings of a cold (maybe wading into the Huron River to get that shot yesterday wasn't a good idea? Or maybe I'm just burning the candle at both ends), working away, but I'm still cranking out that REM and it feels fabulous.  

Also, don't forget to throw a question into the open thread box--I'll be answering all of your (great) questions next week, so feel free to ask away--camera gear, running a business, living in Michigan, Airstreams, it's all fair game! Use the form below! 

Happy Thursday, all! 

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