34 Years and Reflections on 33.

Today I turn 34!

Interestingly, for the past year, I actually thought I already was 34--I really did! I put it on all my forms, and told people I was 34, even on the race I ran last weekend, I have on my bib, "Age on race day: 34."  It wasn't until Christmas, that we were at Ian's family's house and we all started talking about how old we were--I confidently replied, "I'm 34," which was met with an incredulous stare from Ian who said, "Umm..no, we're 33" (our birthdays are a week apart, him being one week older than me).  As we did all the math and added up years, I realized that, in addition to being a week older than me, he is also a bit wiser--yes, I'm 34 as of 7am-ish this morning and yesterday I was 33.

I love birthdays--maybe that won't always be the case, but I've always enjoyed celebrating them.  They are sort of like New Year's in a way and they are a great opportunity to set some goals and see new things.  As I've already mentioned, I have some big goals and hopes for this coming year (and now that I'm 34, instead of turning 35 as I thought, I feel I have an extra year even!).  

I hope that 34 will be just as wonderful as 33 was, but perhaps a bit less intense.  The past year was amazing, but it was also non-stop go and changes.  When I think back to the amount of weddings we shot and the all night drives to double headers in different states, I get a little nauseated.  This year I am looking forward to really slowing down my business and focusing again on teaching and on just enjoying the off-time.  

Last summer I spent almost every beautiful summer day inside the Empire library or the Airstream, editing.  I didn't have a chance to really enjoy the Northern Michigan wonderland as much as I would like, so this summer, I will do that.  I have been craving summer lately and I truly cannot wait until that first warm day to take off towards Lake Michigan for a long evening walk with the pups.  

34--I don't feel that old. I feel like I'm still 25.  But then I think about the things I did at 25 or the beliefs I had, and it seems like a lifetime ago.  Tonight we're going to celebrate just a bit with maybe some sushi and a great workout.  This weekend I said that all I want to do is go to some antique stores, have an early burger at The Winchester, and do some work around the house--to me, that is enough of a celebration!  Here's to a fantastic new year and happy birthday to the many, many, many of you who also celebrate in January!


Emily (34)

Huge thank you to Kendra Stanley Mills who took these fantastic pictures; she is a true gem.