Monday Catch-Up, Weekend Recap.

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First off, the sunsets lately have been out of control gorgeous.  I've been trying to see at least 4 sunsets a week and this one from last week is one of my favorites.  The water was literally the color of orange sherbet and this photo above has not been edited in any way.   

Happy Monday from a beautiful day here in Grand Haven, Michigan.  It's about 64 degrees, bright sunshine and pancake flat water on this fabulous day.  The past 4 days have been....insane. In a good way! 

Thursday--Shot sessions with families in Grand Rapids and edited late into the night, ignoring what was obviously the beginning of a cold.  Drank orange juice to make myself feel better.  Stayed up way too late.  Listened to a lot of REM and got a lot done. 

Friday--Edited all day, cold had set in and was in full effect by this point.  That evening I drove to Holland to pick up a friend of ours who is working on a lovely little secret project with Emily Alt Photography from the train depot.  We went to The Grand, where Ian is bar -tending, ordered a few martinis, some oysters, then a bottle of champagne arrived, then some calamari, and all of a sudden it was 12am and I needed to get my buns to bed. 

Saturday--Full onslaught of the sickness. Intensely sore throat. Really unattractive cough. Squeaky, childlike voice....oh dear.   We were up bright and early, getting ready for our daytime wedding, starting at 11am.  Ian and I left our houseguest to enjoy the farmer's market and our beach town, and we went off to Luke and Trinity's intimate backyard wedding just about a mile away in downtown Grand Haven.  This wedding was SO fabulous.  I'll be doing a sneak peek tomorrow, so stay tuned.  

However, photographing a wedding whilst ill is tough and by the end of the night, as much as I wanted to stay and bar crawl with the wedding party (especially seeing as how the bar crawl had about 4 bars to choose from in little Grand Haven and because everyone at this wedding was so nice, and kind and friendly and Ian and I found ourselves saying multiple times to each other "We should definitely hang out with this people."), I didn't think it was wise.  We got back home and holy moly, we walked into find that our houseguest had cooked us a FULL ITALIAN AUTHENTIC MEAL FROM HEAVEN.  Seriously--Sundried tomatoes, fresh, handmade pasta, blanched beans and several bottles of wine later, we were deep into discussions of Obamacare and welfare reform.  I put myself to bed in an attempt to be better by the time that Sunday rolled around.... 

Sunday--Up at 6am, we were all off to Grand Rapids for shooting Mini Sessions at the Blue Bridge downtown with some of my favorite families from West Michigan.  We had a great time, and while it was a little cold and I still had....the cold, got a lot of work done.


After we inhaled some Yesterdog, we showed our house guest around West Michigan a bit and managed to get into the old McInerney Spring and Wire Company--this was the building where my family based their manufacturing business for years and, at one time, was one of the largest employers in Michigan.  We basically full on sneaked into the building and got up onto the top floors where all the presses used to function.  It was extremely surreal to walk through this building that I remember very well as a young child.  I got a bit scared, I'll admit, that a murderer was about to jump out at us, so I vacated it quickly, but Ian is insistent on going back soon to check out the offices further.


After our investigation, we were off to Founders where I was meeting up with some of the girls I used to ride horses with way back in the day.  In typical Emily fashion, I had tried to take on too much and organize a full-fledged reunion for the weekend, but not very folks were able to make it in, but that ended up to be just fine.  I met up with Megan, Linda, Lori, Staci and Jessica and it was awesome! I loved reconnecting with all of these great women who had been such a significant part of my youth in the horse world.  We spent about 2 hours laughing and chatting, catching up and making plans to stay connected.  After our reunion, I met up again with Ian and we were back to Grand Haven, finished up some work with our guest and then met some of our friends at a restaurant in downtown Grand Haven for dinner and drinks.  Needless to say by 11pm, I was done and totally ready for a good night's rest.

I had made loud promises that Monday was my day off...and I've not stuck to that. Shocking, I know. But I NEED to catch up and it ain't gonna happen if I play in the sunshine today, as much as I'd love to do so!  I did, though, take the morning off to enjoy some coffee, a long walk on the beach with Tasha and reading the 100th anniversary issue of Vanity Fair.   

This week I have a small break from shooting, but am playing some massive catch up on processing the 15 sessions I shot over the past 7 days.  Plus we're getting ready to get serious about leaving on this road trip, and I'll be up on A Practical Wedding on Wednesday talking about the Pop Up Rolling Elopements, so it's sure to be a busy one.  Hope you are all having a great Monday and enjoying a bit of this wonderful weather!