#WokeFolk: Catalyst Wedding Co. Partnership.

Oh goodness, I am OVER the moon about this new partnership with Catalyst Wed Co. These people are my people. MY PEOPLE. Here are some words they use to describe themselves: Wedding disrupter (Yaaaas), Feminist (yaasss), Passionate (Yaaas), Intelligent (Yaasss).

Here is their hashtag: #wokefolk

They are all about disrupting the wedding industry and doing things in a new and different way. Not worrying about the little things no one should ever worry about ("Oh wait, Aunt Sallie who I haven't spoken to in 15 years didn't get an invite? MELTDOWN!), but instead talking about the very real aspects of being married and legal and what that means in a 2017 world. 

Check them out and share with your family and friends, because these people are awesome and I'm proud to know them.