Rolling Elopements--Airstream style.

 Photo credit: Thomas J. Story via Sunset Magazine.

Photo credit: Thomas J. Story via Sunset Magazine.

Some stuff you should know:  We bought an Airstream.  She is amazing and we want to share her with you.  

Read on for details. Trust me. 

DETAILS:  Rolling Elopements

Here's the deal, you roll up with an officiant and up to 30 of your closest friends and family and we'll photograph it using our vintage airstream as a backdrop.  No need to run off to the courthouse. You get in touch, let us know the state and the month where/when you'd like to get married and we'll work out the details.  We'll come to you. We'll even scout a great location, heck, Ian will even marry you, since he is all ordained and stuff!  FANCY!  Also, check these amazing little gentlemen out for announcing it to your friends and family--how cute are they?!

Think of us as a reverse Vegas wedding chapel--we'll come to you! Rolling Elopements. Boom. Fill out the form below for more information.

Rolling Elopements Contact Form:

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Some more rad stuff:


We (Emily, Ian and Tasha) are traveling throughout the US in our Airstream from late November-ish to March-ish (we're into the "ish") this coming winter, photographing anything and everything that comes across our path.  We hope to shoot all sorts of great stuff—family reunions, cafe chatter in Santa Fe, birthday parties in Tennessee, surfing in California, the sun rise in Marfa, Texas, Pat Conroy's home in South Carolina (a girl can dream, can't she?) grammar school daily lessons in Montana....really anything that sparks our interest.  We're approaching this project as sort of a check-in on what’s going on in the United States in 2013-14--the little moments that make our country amazing.  And, being honest,  we’re looking for an adventure and want a huge variety of rad things to photograph.    

While our Rolling Elopements are what we are totally stoked on right now, we are up for shooting any other event you might have during that time frame--birthday parties, family reunions, engagements, proposals, you name it!  Pricing for this part is simple—you just tell us what you can pay and we’ll do our darndest to make it work.   Use the same form above to get in touch today so we can start planning our route!