More internet adoration.


OK, I swear I'm not like a huge fan of the Internet, but I have written 2 posts about it in 48 hours.....well, I suppose that's ok!  Here's the deal:  I read a lot of blogs.  I learn a lot from blogs and I find creativity through others' ideas. One of my favorite blogs, though, is my favorite because I met a super cool friend as a result of my reading (read: internet stalking).  About 2 years ago, I started reading Leigh Ann's very endearing and wholesome blog.  I really can't say how I found it or what specifically drew me to it, but I liked it----she was a public school teacher (like me), she had great style (better than me), she crafted a lot (like me), she was funny (sort of like me), she liked cats (not like me), she wore a lot of stripes (like me), and she blogged (me too!).  I blogged stalked Leigh Ann for awhile and then last August sent her an email asking if she wanted to be part of a photography giveaway I was offering as part of a portfolio building gig. The email went something like this:

Hi!  I am sure this is weird--a random stranger contacting you--or maybe not, I'm not sure--Anyway, my name is Emily and I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I adore your posts and ideas, etc. You're super cute and crafty--I'm also a teacher--I teach HS English in Chicago Public Schools, but I'm originally from Michigan and went to U of M.  

Blah blah blah photography talk blah blah blah......

Maybe you get offers like this all the time, I'm not sure.  I used to run a pretty serious food/travel blog when my husband and I were in SE Asia for several months and random people would always email trying to get featured, so I understand if you're not interested--but from reading your posts, it seems we are actually pretty similar and some of your readers might really like my photography, plus it's a GREAT deal.  

Again, I'm not some weirdo and this isn't a spam email or anything. I promise I'm not creepy or Craigslist-y looking for fetish photography stuff- Feel free to check out my website and let me know what you think!

Hope you're doing great and enjoying the final days of summer and thanks for reading this long email. :-)

I sort of thought I would hear nothing back and that would be that....but low and behold, she got in touch, we met up in Ann Arbor, shot some photographs together and what has developed is a super tubular, cyber style friendship.  Sure, we talk on the phone, but we've only met in person one time--at least 90% of our friendship is through technology, yet, it's like we're friends.  We Instagram and text and Facebook and share horror stories of teaching and she's rad about referring couples from the East side of the state to my work.  Plus, she's helping with the inaugural Teach Camp, which is totally rad too! All in all, it's a totally awesome friendship I've struck up and I'm super glad to have sent that email months ago! Moral of the story--if you read blogs, if you follow peeps on Instgram, if you Pinterest stalk someone, why nto take a risk and see if they want to become more than internet buddies? You might meet someone as sweet as Leigh Ann!