Whirlwind Fallwind.

 Echo Lake from our wedding this past weekend near Twin Lake, Michigan.  

Echo Lake from our wedding this past weekend near Twin Lake, Michigan.  

It's been a whirlwind. For anyone else?  I went from working for myself to working for 150 teenagers in the period of 3 days.  School is going fantastically, thus far, but I've been quickly reminded just had different life is when you are required to be somewhere for a certain period of time. No mid-afternoon surf breaks or dogs walks at this time. I love being up early and getting to school before most others, I love the quiet and silence of the drive in and the classical music I play in my classroom as I get ready for the day. I love the students who come in early to sit and do work while Bach slowly wakes them up on cool Fall mornings. I love staying late on Wednesdays for the Spoken Word club I've started. I love the energy of teaching and the excitement of helping students reveal the work they've done and how they see English in a new way. I love giving book talks and sharing with students the best works of literature, then hearing from them about their favorites. I love giving prompts about writing that challenge their brains to stretch in new ways and to ask questions they haven't yet even thought of. I love the feeling of exhaustion on Friday afternoons as I turn out my lights and leave for the weekend.

I love all of this. I am so glad to be back teaching and to be teaching somewhere that challenges and inspires me each day.

Yet, I am exhausted. We've shot a wedding nearly every weekend for the last 12 weeks.  Sundays act as our only day to get anything done for the week. Small piles of dog hair accumulate on the stairs and we've had time to hang no pictures on the wall. We have 2 bedrooms that are just storage right now and a drum set in the basement.  We needs about 5 days of just straight time to get this house organized and put together.  But not for a few more weeks.  We're in the final stretch of weddings for 2014--1 this weekend, a weekend off (What?!) and then 1 more in October and then....bliss.  Not really, but at least a bit of time.

Booking updates, for those who are interested:

--Totally booked for 2014.

--2 more weddings for 2015 being considered.

--1 Pop Up spot for June (We will be hosting these at the Modern Farmhouse in Northport! SO excited!!) 3 Pop Up spots for August.

--No family sessions until Spring