June Pop Up Wedding: Behind the Scenes.

What happens when you get some great friends, their adorable babies, a couple of old dogs together in the most beautiful place on earth (MBPOE)?-The June Pop Up wedding at the Modern Farmhaus in Leelanau County, Michigan, of course!  Our June Pop Up was a total success, but largely in part to my amazing team of helpers this year--Sarah, Danny, Briana, Andy, Josh and Ian all put forth a huge effort to ensure that we threw the best possible pop ups for our couples on June 20.  Below are some behind the scenes pictures of what the weekend was like for all of us--note, it involved children, dogs, food, champagne saboring, goregous gardens, free range chickens, several Madewell outfits and lots of laughs.  Thank you SO much to all of you guys--you truly made it happen!

Venue: The Modern Farmhaus in Northport, MI

Flowers: Omena Cut Flowers, Styled and arranged by Briana and Sarah