Monday Catch Up!


Happy Monday!  This is the last Monday post I'll be writing from my little desk overlooking this snow covered deck for quite awhile! Hopefully by the time we return in April, there won't be ANY snow at all to look out at and contemplate...though it is Michigan, so I guess it's anyone's guess what the weather will be.  We're in a flurry of getting ready to depart this coming weekend and amid lots of lists and organizing and cleaning, we are excited!  This leg of the trip will be lot busier and will have a LOT more miles to cover in a short amount of time (New Orleans to Phoenix in 5 days anyone?) and that's definitely a little overwhelming, but it's safe to say that we are both ready to get out of Grand Haven for a bit and get out on the road again.  The lady dogs are ready too.  

One of my goals this time is to take way more pictures than last time.  Yes, I certainly kept Instagram busy last time, but I need to be taking way more photographs, and this time with a real camera and not just my phone.  I realized I have a Nikon D3000 that I don't use very often, but it's a great camera--So we'll be keeping our little DSLR in the cab of the truck, ready to snap away at anything that comes across our paths.  

The past weekend was pretty busy with lots of organizing, but also lots of dog walks in the woods. Tasha's cast is off and she is slowly but surely learning to use and trust her leg again.  She walks on it about 75% of the time and then, when she wants to travel fast, picks it up and runs around on 3 legs.  Ruth Ann has definitely adjusted to life in Michigan and is a great woods walking companion, covering lots of miles with little to no complaint.  I bet she'll be glad to get to South Carolina for a little bit though and out of this cold--I think we all will be!

Have a wonderful Monday and keep your eye on the blog for LOTS of photography sessions coming this week and then, of course, the beginning of the road trip on Sunday.

Also--I know I mentioned it last week, but The Goldfinch by Donna Tart is possibly my favorite book of the year. Maybe of the past 5 years.  I'm almost done and have already promised it to a friend to borrow, but if you haven't read it yet or are looking for a great read--GET IT NOW. It's so darn good.