annalee + graham. michigan. august 2012.

Annalee (age 2.5 going on 21) and Graham (age 1.3) are two of the most adorable children I have ever had the chance to meet (and that is saying a lot...seeing as how I meet a lot of children).  In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that they are my niece and nephew....but still, they are really, really great.  Annalee has the personality of a firecracker--her favorite activities include: wearing high heels, carrying a purse, "reading" magazines (her favorite is Real Simple) and petting dogs.  Her brother, Graham is just a little gentleman--he is always much so that you begin to wonder if he is ever not happy.  He is also very busy....and tends to wander off into the bushes during photo shoots (thus accounting for fewer pictures of him...he was busy looking at bees).  Combined, they are a dynamic duo and parents Justin and Elizabeth stay nice and busy watching over these two.  Enjoy their antics below.