Current obsessions: Spring 2013.

A few things I am currently loving on:

1) Lululemon Scoop Me Up Tank:  I practice a lot of hot yoga. I love a tank that keeps me comfortable and secure. I'm not going to go on and on about Lululemon--once you've worn one of their items, that's it. So just go check out this tank; I promise you will not e disappointed. 

2) Tulle skirt from Anthropologie:  I bought this skirt on a whim a few months ago when I was shopping with my friend Sarah.  She had just snatched up an adorable glittery silver skirt which I loved from the sale rack, and I was feel sad and jealous, when I saw this little gentleman peeking out at me.  One trip to the dressing room later, I was sold. I wear this skirt constantly--to school with heels and tights, to dinner with flats, to the bar for meetings with clients--it's just.that.good.  

3) Canon 35mm L 1.4 lens:  Mother. Of. God. I am planning a full blog post just about this lens, but for right now, let me just say that I have never, ever, ever in my life loved a lens as much as I love this lens.  It's tack sharp, fast, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, light enough for a walk around, produces the best shots in a low light setting I could dream of and it's a prime, which forces me to interact with my subjects. I love this lens. This is hands down the best investment I have made this year.

4) Essie nail polish:  I started giving away Essie nail polish to all my 2013 brides as a thank you gift earlier this year and, because I prefer to test all products first, I have started wearing it as well. I'm a convert.  See ya, OPI, Essie is where it's at--goes on smooth, lasts forever and comes in too many colors to choose from.  Boom. Sold.

5) La Croix:  The sparkling water of champions.  No really, this stuff is like crack. My colleagues and I at school joke about how there is nothing better in the world than the feeling of cracking open an ice cold La Croix during your 1:30pm planning period.  

6) The Great Gatsby:  Please understand, I am not a fly by night fan of this book who has been dazzled by DiCaprio's charm and Mulligan's diamonds. I've read this book at least 100 times, I've written 5 scholarly papers on it, I have great plans to use it as the basis for my thesis in American Literature one day.  I saw the film. I thought it was great.  That is my review.

7) Mizuno Rider:  Running season is upon us and my 1/2 marathon calendar is filling up quickly. I've always run in Brooks, but I'm giving the Rider a chance and loving it so far.  Quick, response and lightweight.  Can't wait to try it at the Ludington Lakestride in a few weeks.