Lake Tahoe/Mountain Week: Emily's Life

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know already that Ian and I spent the last week enjoying the beauty of the Lake Tahoe/Sierra Nevada area.  We went out to shoot a wedding that was on Wednesday at The Hideout near the Kirkwood Mountain Resort, but we arrived a little early to do some of our own exploring of the area.  We stayed for the first two nights in a small house I found on AirBnB--I love me some AirBnB and we have had pretty great experiences thus far--this house, while nice, was not one of the best places we have stayed--however, it was totally accurate to the description of "Best Price on the Lake" (which is obviously what got my attention)--it was decorated in 1960s style, totally unironically, and would have fit in pretty perfectly in Logan Square.  My only wishes: if the internet worked and the hosts had provided bed linens.  Still, we had a great time exploring the area. We visited Bodie, CA which is considered to be the best perserved ghost town in the country--it was a mining town until the 1940s when the mining company that ran it decided it wasn't making any money and literally everyone just left--left furniture, clothing, dry goods--it's all still in the houses and buildings. Now it's a state park, so it doesn't boast any lame Wild West shows which is great. Ian was in total heaven and spent a lot of time asking "Would you want to camp here? Would you want to live here? How many ghosts do you think are here."--right up his alley.   


I'll blog more about the actual wedding next week, but for now, here are some pictures of the beginning parts of the week. Xoxo and Happy Saturday!