Health and Wellness Update. Week 2.

Here we are at Week 2 of the Health and Wellness plan (which I intend to do for 8 weeks, though hopefully these will be full-time, full lifestyle changes) I rolled out on the blog last week--I know that I only introduced it a week ago, but it's been 2 weeks for me and I thought I'd update y'all.  

First and foremost, thank you so much to all of you who have sent notes or comments encouraging me! I had no idea people would actually be interested in this quest, but it seems like you are, so thank you so much for being interested! It means a lot!

Just to recap, my "rules" for this plan are:

--No alcohol 

--60 minutes of yoga a day

--40 miles of running a week

--60+ ounces of water and green tea a day

--Oil pulling 1-2 times a day

--Fish oil 1 time a day

--Significantly reduce processed foods including sugars

--1 long dog walk a day

I am very happy to report that this is going fantastic.  The only area I have slipped on a little is the 40 miles a week, and that's only because last week was an insane week of travel for me, so I missed 3 days of running in a row as I crisscrossed the Midwest for various weddings.  

The most significant change or difference I can definitely say is the abstaining from alcohol.  I can honestly say that not drinking makes me feel like a totally different person.  I feel young again (I know, this sounds insane, but seriously, it's true!), I am sleeping like a rock, I have insane amounts of energy and I just feel....well, good.  There are times when a cold beer sounds really great, but I've stuck closely to absolutely no alcohol and it's been truly wonderful.  

I also notice a huge change in my water intake--by being intentional in how much water I'm drinking each day, I definitely feel much, much better--again, more energy.  Sure I have to run to the bathroom way more, but that's a small price to pay for feeling just darn good.  My skin is clearer, I can focus more and I am not snacking nearly as much.  

My yoga practice is something I look forward to each day--setting a timer for 2 practices (1 in the morning post-run and 1 in the evening after I finish work for the evening) is just fantastic.  I am noticing my flexibility coming back and spending 5 minutes in pigeon pose is sort of addictive. The dog walk, too, I just love--taking the two ladies for a long walk on the beach or through the empty cottages of Highland Park for an hour each day is really satisfying and has been a great way to de-stress from the insanity that is the month of June.  

This challenge is going really well and there are most days when it doesn't really feel at all like a challenge, which I think is good--I take that as a sign that my lifestyle is changing, rather than just a temporary fix.  I am looking forward to continuing it and I think in the next 3-4 weeks I'll feel even better than I already do.  It also helps that I have a couple of friends who are following similar plans and challenges of their own--knowing that others are working hard to change up a lifestyle and make improvements helps me a lot mentally.  

I'll keep you all updated on changes and developments, but in the meantime, thanks again for the words of encouragement and support! You guys are great!