Weekend Wrap-Up.

 Happy Monday!

Did you have a great weekend?  Or did you stay inside and try to escape this insanity of weather that has blown in?  We did a little bit of both.

Friday night we spent with our family at my sister-in-law's house--we had an old fashioned hang out session complete with some fabulous home cooked food, wine and a really rigorous game of Celebrity.  I forgot how much I love playing that game--definitely some pretty intense belly laughs. It was a super fun night to reconnect with all the siblings after the insanity of the holidays.  

Saturday morning I went to a yoga class downtown at Lakeshore Yoga Center, which was great and exactly the right way to wake up--90 minutes and had a good sweat going by the end of it.  Then we checked out the Tri Cities YMCA which is right down the hill from our house and this is SO exciting, but they have a lap pool.  And they are 4 hours of lap swimming A DAY.  I know guys, I know.  So, we will probably join the Y and I will swim alllll winter long and by Spring I will be ready for any triathlon training that comes my way. Well, maybe, but I am planning to swim a load. It is also really cool to have a gym again.  I am not a huge fan of developing an intense community at a gym or making best friends there, but it's neat to go somewhere and see the same people over and over.  Plus, there is something about a hot, sweaty, winter workout with heavy weights that you just can't get from an outside run. I'm excited to have this in our lives!

Ian worked Saturday night bar tending which meant I stayed in and worked too, finished a wedding deadline I had and wrote some blog posts.  I also got a lot of work done on the Pop Up Packets I'll be sending to each of our Pop Up clients to welcome them to the Pop Up world.  I'm stoked to get these packages organized and start to mail them out as soon as they come back from the printer--so far my vision is coming together quite nicely!

Tasha spends 90% of her time in the crate (fun, right), but she is a good working partner and I also had a chance to set up my new office area.  Having my own space is super important to me and for the past few weeks I've been working at the kitchen table surrounded by coffee mugs and hard drives and Ian's computer and hot sauce jars and it was just getting weird--so I took matters into my own hands and set up a little office by the front window of the house, complete with all the houseplants surrounding me. A blank, clean, empty desk with just a laptop and some plants=amazing.  I finally feel like I can really plow through some work.  It's great, a little cold, but I just put my new serape over my lap and that keeps me toasty warm.

Sunday we slept in until 9am which was amazing and then after a few cups of strong coffee headed out on a hike to the top of the ski hill at Mulligan's Hollow.  Having a snowboarding park in our backyard is pretty fabulous and the hike was amazing as well--we were pretty much the only people out and all the trees were still completely covered from the night's snowfall.  

When we got home, we attempted to drive into Grand Rapids for some errands and dinner with the family, but the roads were atrocious and we were forced to turn back about 10 minutes outside of Grand Haven.  Instead we made an African peanut stew for dinner, drank some red wine and planned the calendar for the winter.  It was a great weekend!