In Michigan. Catch up. Sorry!

Well. We made it to Michigan and we are moved into the little house we are renting in Grand Haven.  We arrived late on Tuesday evening and this week has been a whirlwind of unpacking and establishing ourselves here but we've also managed to have some fun.  A quick list of the fabulousness that has been this week: 


1) We bought a truck in Empire to haul the Airstream with for the Rolling Elopements! Our neighbor had a white 2500 Silverado in his yard. Ian called about it.  Turns out Kaye, a lovely older woman who lived on Glen Lake, is selling.  We made a deal. We bought the truck.  We made friends with Kaye.  She knows all about the M22 Empire house that we bought.  She is going to come over for dinner and we're going to talk about local lore soon. Her house is on Glen Lake and it was homesteaded by her stepfather and it dates back to President Grant's era.  That's awesome. 


2) Ian went salmon fishing with our new neighbor Dale.  Dale used to be an art professor at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota.  Now he is retired and spends his summers on the lake living in the cottage in Grand Haven.  Dale told us that now that he is retired he "spends his time painting, working on his comedy and salmon fishing." Obviously Ian is enamored with this man. They went fishing until 10:30pm (I stayed home and drank tequila and edited).  They caught an 18lbs salmon.  We ate it last night. It was awesome. 


3) We found not one, but 2 roadside farm stands that also sell tacos.  That was awesome. 


4) We are on our way out the door right now to watch another epic Grand Haven sunset.  That is awesome. 


In case it hasn't clicked yet--we are loving this new adventure and loving living here in Michigan.  I promise to blog more pretty photos and weddings and other shoots next week, but for tonight, I've just got to go watch a sunset with my husband and my dog and revel being back in the MItten.