bowties and shoelaces: Philip and David.

Philip is a music teacher in Chicago Public Schools.  David works for a major homegoods retail company. They live in Chicago. They own a dog named Franklin. He is a French Bulldog. They have an awesome sense of style and know how to laugh.  I like them. When I had the opportunity to hang out with Philip and David for a little bit on Sunday for a school themed photo shoot at nearby Senn High School (a Chicago Public School--don't worry, we didn't cross the picket line, the strike hadn't started yet!), I realized just how much I like them--these two are awesome! Such a fun couple and they totally compliment one another with two very diverse personalities.  Shooting Philip and David was great fun--they both have totally quirky senses of humor and they are up for anything--even semi-cheesy posed shots, they eagerly agreed.  I worked hard to capture their individual personalities (David has a dry wit, is a bit sarcastic while Philip tends to be quieter, but totally holds his own when it comes to joking around) during the shoot and hopefully achieved that in the pictures below.  Thanks so much, Philip and David!