What I'm Pinning.

Long hours in a car lead to lots of time for me to enjoy Pinterest, my favorite love hate relationship of the day.  I adore Pinterest for the hours of time it allows me to waste, the inspiration of DIY projects that I'll never do and the numerous outfits I plan to create when we finally land on solid ground.  

On the other hand, I hate Pinterest for the unrealistic expectations it sets on me as a wedding photographer and the unrealistic expectations I set on myself as a result.  All that being said, I've been pinning lately, and I wanted to share some of my favorite pins with you! What are you pinning? Who are your favorite pinners? Who should I be following but I'm not? Leave a comment and let me know!

Favorite Pinners:

Beth Kirby

A Practical Wedding

Domino Magazine

Wendy Shapiro

Megan Gilger

Mary Beth of Annapolis and Co. 

Jessica Comingore

1) Pendleton inspired bags by Moorea Seal:  I love Moorea Seal and am so glad I found it on Pinterest a long time ago--awesome home goods, jewelry, inspired ideas.  These Pendelton clutches are awesome--doubles as a purse or just to hold anything you might need around the house!

2) Fern garland--No need to spend $3.99 on this garland--just make your own!  Collect a few ferns, grab some clips and some baker's twine or burlap, and away you go!

3) Hammered bangle bracelets--These are so simple and yet so elegant.  

4) Northern Michigan inspiration--When we return in April, it will be time to start thinking seriously about the house in Empire and our next steps for the structure.  I have no problem creating a board around my dream house, even if I might never be able to really afford this coziness, it's fun to dream. 

5) Yoga poses--I'm totally obsessed with yoga lately. Probably has something to do with the fact that it's one workout I can do no matter where we are as long as I have my mat.  Pinning poses reminds me that it's a constant practice. 

6) Floral details--I am obsessed with fresh flowers and florals.  I love the wildflower look that has been showing up more and more on my Pinterest boards. 

7)Lavender and honey macarons: I'm super intrigued by anything that has infused lavender.  These have infused lavender and they are originally French. Bonjour and oui. 

8) Vintage Eames chairs:  I must be having a desire to decorate my home, because I seem to be spending a lot of time on my "Future Home" board, but these Eames chairs....gorgeous. Love. Them. 

9) Anything green: I miss the color green.  Everything in Grand Haven is white right now.  This board is reminding me of my favorite color and my favorite season, Summer. 

10) Black and white photography: Black and white has always been my favorite (honestly, I am waiting for the day when a client asks me to photograph her whole wedding in black and white--dream.come.true), and these photos not only inspire me but also remind me of how amazingly classic and beautiful black and white can be.