June and July Pop Up Weddings!

  Question : How much ass does a Pop Up kick?   Answer : More than 'Yonce's and Kim K's combined. 

Question: How much ass does a Pop Up kick?

Answer: More than 'Yonce's and Kim K's combined. 

I've had quite a few people get in touch about the Rolling Elopements AKA Pop Up weddings lately and I am here to say a few things:

1) Yes, they are STILL happening this summer!

2) We have 1 spot left for our June 20 date near Northport, MI (Leelanau County) and we still have 4 spots open for July 18 near Port Oneida beach (also Leelanau County).  

3) Total cost $2000.00 (that's two thousand dollaz) and that includes pretty much the ENTIRE thing, all you have to worry about is the post-party.

4) Click through to the Pop Up page if you want more info, but know that if you are interested in that June date, I'm expecting it to fill in a week or so and I'd imagine July will fill up by March (hopefully!)

Please holler at me or a friend or a family member (you can use the form below, it's easy!) if you're thinking a Pop Up wedding might be just what the doctor ordered.  It's mega low stress, mega fun, mega cheap and mega unique! If you need more convincing check out the images below from this past year's Pop Ups from New Orleans, Santa Fe and Northern Michigan!



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