Matt & Annie: A Leelanau County Love Story

Gosh. I just don't have them. The words. I do not have the words to describe this wedding, this day, this joy, this love. It was all of the things and all of the feels. Really.

I started following Annie on Instagram a year or so ago, and as soon as I found her page, I was like, "OMG, we need to be friends in real life," but I was a bit shy, even with the Internet between us, and so I just proceeded to like and comment and smiley face her posts, but never reached out and said, "Hey...I'm Emily." What can I say? I was shy. She was kicking creative ass

Fast forward a few months of quiet following, and then she got ENGAGED and her ring was like kick ass awesome and it was on Isle Royal and I was enamored by everything she was posting about her guy. THEN, she sent me an email and asked if I would photograph her wedding and I over the moon humbled and excited. YES, YES, YES!!! was something like the gist of the response email.

Annie and Matt have a great love story--it spans states and years and struggles and successes.  They married at her parent's amazing farm near Cedar, Michigan, and everything, literally everything, was perfect, down to the homemade cupcakes, the myriad of L. Mawby champagne options, and the shindigging dancing (along with appropriate instructions, printed and designed by Annie).

Annie and Matt. Thank you. You are now friends for life. Like it or now.

Venue: Family farm.

Dress: Designed and sewn by Annie's mom.

Catering: Happy's Taco Truck

Drinks: Shorts Brewery, L. Mawby

Band/Music: Jim Crockett

Second Photographer: The amazing, Ian DeGraaf