The Wonderment Project.

This is something I am so, so, so excited to share with all of you. And, truthfully, something I am a bit nervous to share, but here goes--the biggest things in life are the things that take the biggest leaps, I believe. I tend to be a pretty big risk taker and I tend to take leaps into new and unknown experiences. I think that tends to come from my parents--both stable and adjusted people, but also creative and energetic adventurers in their own ways (Shrimp boats sailed up the coast of New England! Riots in Detroit in the 1960s! Motorcycles across the desert! Kenya safaris and assisting Stanley Kubrick.  Yeah, they kick ass). This project, The Wonderment Project, is not only a leap for me--it is also asking all of my amazing, powerful, strong, passionate, intelligent and rockstar women clients and friends to take a huge leap--a leap towards embracing themselves, embracing their struggles and embracing what I have started to call 2016--The Year of the Female. 

The Wonderment Project is a personal photography project I've recently fleshed out during long runs, late nigh editing sessions, numerous conversations with friends, journal writing and reading a whole bunch of memoirs.  The Wonderment Project is an opportunity for women of all walks of life to come together for an empowering 24 hours for food, conversation, goal setting, boudoir photography and general awesomeness.

I launched this today via A Practical Wedding, but if you want to read more, please head on over to the Wonderment Project page. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, do not hesitate. Fill out a contact form today and take the leap--I promise, it will be amazing and you will land with grace.

xoxo to all my powerful and passionate women of my life--you are my inspiration.