Summer! Now! Here! Yes!


On this Tuesday to share with you: 

1) I've spent the last 4 days in Grand Haven, MI and it's amazing. I cannot wait to officially move my studio here in August. 

2) I did my first long distance swim of the year and while the waves kicked my butt, being in the water again was absolutely fabulous. 

3) The Airstream arrived to Michigan early this morning! We had her hauled by a professional RV company and she is currently residing in my mom's driveway until Friday morning when she'll make the trek North.  This part of our next adventure is coming together and it's super exciting! 


4) With the overturn of DOMA and Prop 8, it feels like there is a whole lot to celebrate for so many folks.  I am going to be offering some special giveaways and discounts in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes out. 

5) Welcome, dear Summer, for a moment I worried you weren't going to show your shiny face...but then you did. 

Off to Northern Michigan for the next couple of weeks to shoot a load of events, weddings, a cherry harvest and, of course, our 5 Year Anniversary PARTAY! Xoxo to all.