travel. winter. sunshine. sanity.

I'm about to let you in on a little secret--you ready?  Here we go--living in Chicago from December to March is really, really not enjoyable.  I know, you're shocked.  Those of us who live in Chicago year after year, truly do it for the summers--they are hot and lovely and sunny and there are outdoor patios and Cubs games and the beauty of Lake Michigan and, somehow, all of those things combined make it more acceptable to deal with the grey, cold, ice, wet, damp, terror of Chicago winters.   This year, I made a very serious decision that I needed to get out of Chicago as much as humanely possible during the winter.  I was struggling at my teaching job and finding little joy in that, so I knew I needed some things to look forward to--enter TRAVEL.  Ian and I have always loved to travel, but lately our lives haven't allowed us as much jet-setting as we typically like--no more, we decided! This winter we will travel!  Off we went to Hawaii at Christmas, then to Charleston, South Carolina for 4 days in January to run a 1/2 marathon (blog post coming soon) and tour Pat Conroy's hometown of Beaufort and now, this weekend, I'm off to sunny California for four days of hiking, novel reading, fish taco eating, trail running bliss.  I leave this afternoon just as another ice storm has hit Chicago--have a wonderful weekend all and look for some California photos coming soon to the blog! Or, just follow me on Instagram so you can view all the glory.....instantly. Happy weekend!