The Renewals.

Ok, ok, yes, I fully admit that this blog is a longggg time coming and it is longggg overdue--apologies all around, but I just couldn't bring myself to work on these photos when I have so many paying clients waiting for their beautiful wedding photos.  So, I decided to just throw these photos up with little to no editing. Luckily for me, good friend Andy shot the heck out of our vow renewals and little to no editing is required--he's just that good. 

For those of you who might be wondering "What are the Renewals?" let me share a bit! The Renewals were the party that Ian and I threw this summer for pretty much all of our close friends and family on our land near Empire, Michigan.  We wanted to have a party for 2 major reasons--first because it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we LOVE a good party and secondly because we really wanted to share this little piece of Michigan with friends and family and what better way to do that than with a rollicking party on a beautiful summer evening in July?  We also wanted to renew our vows, especially as we are beginning what will likely be a year of wild adventure, a little bit of anxiety and a WHOLE lot of time spent one on one with each other as we travel across the US in the Airstream.   

The Renewals started on Thursday night and ran all the way to Sunday morning.  Most of our friends arrived on Friday and we had lots of great times at the beach, hanging in the water, cooking on the grill and sitting around the campfire. Saturday morning we started the day with the M22 Olympics, a lengthy obstacle course/scavenger hunt that took various teams all over the Leelanau Peninsula in search of ridiculous tasks to complete.  In the afternoon, folks split up to explore on their own-going to the beach, downtown Empire, hiking the dunes, and then we all reconnected for our vow renewals.  Julie and Andy, some of our oldest friends, introduced us, and Allie and her boyfriend Kyler sang as we came down the "aisle" (a patch of grass between the house and the tent.  After the renewals, the party began with a potluck, grilling and lots of dancing, with folks peeling off to camp or stay in town late into the evening.  

All in all, it was a great time and I found myself saying a few times, "I wish THIS were our wedding!"--the vibe was so laid back and relaxed and totally us.  We also made a plan to have a party every year and just call it The July Party.  We hope a tradition of spending time in Northern Michigan will be as appealing to our friends and family as it is to us.  Thank you so much to all who made The Renewals possible!