Mary & Bert. Chicago Engagement Photography

The words I will use to describe Mary and Bert will already fall short, I have no doubt.  They are (and I know this is illegal) my favorite couple. Ever. I heart them.  And Ian and I have the awesome honor not only of shooting their wedding this coming May at Journeyman Distillery, but Ian is also going to officiate the shindig.  I know! It's that great.  And no, they weren't our friends or anything--we just met through the amazingness of A Practical Wedding and it was love at first site.  I adore Mary and Bert for a few reasons: 

1) They are super in love.  Like that giddy, happy, head over heels style love, but also that "It seems like we've been together for years because of the very obvious mutual respect we have for one another" type of love.  Spending time with them is a combination of spending time with a couple of teenager lovebirds and 75 year old grandparents who have been married for 40 years.  It's a fabulous, complete love.  I almost tear up knowing that they are trusting me and Ian to be such significant parts of their big day.   

2) They really like board games.  We found this out when they invited us over to their house for beers and snacks (really good snacks, FYI) after the engagement session.  I also really like board games and they have inspired me to get way more involved in board games. 

3) They appreciate quality beer.  Many people do. But Mary and Bert appreciate it and then serve it to us.  So that is double great. 

Ok, I've babbled enough. Just know that these two are absolutely fantas-damn-itlishly wonderful and I hope their engagement photos even demonstrate 1/2 of their wonderfulness. I'll stop gushing now, you go revel in the pretty.