13 Years of Birthdays.

Today is Ian's birthday--and it is the 13th birthday we have celebrated together.  

13 years makes me feel very old, and yet, I feel way younger than I probably am.  I attribute much of this to Ian's influence on me.  He keeps me young, reminds me to laugh at myself, encourages me to take a break when needed and get outside of my own head.  He grounds me when I feel like I'm floating away and he encourages my dreams.

He's a good husband and a good man.

13 years of being in love with this potato drawing, rump shaking, hot sauce devouring, joke telling, loud laughing, one shirt wearing, travel obsessed, gigantic heart, infectious sense of humor, endearingly compassionate, hike loving, canine wrangling, black water tank dumping, hitch installing, shoveling loving, green thumb wanna-being, Spanish speaking, drink slinging, taco adoring, coffee slurping, whiskey on the rocks unwinding, all around amazing human being.

Love him so much.

He's the best.

I'm super glad he's mine.