People Love Pop Ups.


Guys.  You remember that on Sunday (THIS Sunday) we're staging the Grand Haven Pop Up, right?  And you know that the theme we're going for is rustic, Wes Anderson chic, right?  And you know that we are shooting regardless of the weather (though it's looking like it will be clear, but cold), right?.   And you know that ferns and dahlias are my favorite flowers and there will be lots of both for styling the Airstream, right? And you KNOW that you have always wanted pictures of yourself and your honey on a windswept beach in late October, blown all about by the gusts of Lake Michigan, right?  And you know that we're giving out chili and beer afterwards, right?  

Well....if you know all these things and you want to participate (you can even just come and pose as models for us, no need to really get married, just show up for the fun and the photos!), just send me an email, a smoke signal, a text, a carrier pigeon, whatever--we've got room still for guests and brides and grooms and people who just want to hang out with us.   

Oh, and I was perusing A Practical Wedding today and saw THIS amazing review/write up by a client of mine regarding her excitement for HER Pop Up wedding.  Ummm...she puts it way better (and wittier) than I can: 




Well thanks a lot, A Practical Wedding…if that’s your real name. I was living in my wedding fog of having a ceremony in another city, where nobody we know lives, and expecting everyone to come there to celebrate our joy. I wasn’t noticing the insomnia, neck knots and panicky mother in terms of the logistics of this endeavor and then I found Emily on your blog. Oh sure, she’s all about being “nice” and “honest in her work” and believes that weddings should be “fun”. But what about the drama? The heartburn? The hair loss? I had heard about these so-called “fun weddings” but didn’t think they existed. I have still have the friends in therapy to prove it. Suddenly, Emily’s Pop Up Elopements came into our lives and everything made sense again. Not only is it totally unusual and unique, but it’s not some typical Vegas style elopement, you can still have the people you love the most with you, AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BUT SHOW UP AND BE HAPPY. We talked about it for all of five minutes, thanked whatever universal vibe we needed to, and now we’re all signed up for a super cool wedding… Airstream Style. It’s an hour from where we live, no muss, no fuss, and it’s actually going to be fun. So thanks, APW. I don’t have wedding psychosis to deal with and I don’t know what to do with myself. Yay!