On the Road: Michigan to South Carolina.


We made it to South Carolina!  We rolled into our campsite at Hunting Island State Park last night after a LONG 3 days of driving--first to Raleigh to pick up the Airstream, and then from Raleigh South to our campsite.  The weather cooperated for the most part, though today it's a bit wet and rainy here.  Still, we'll take high 40s and rainy over low single digits and cloudy any day.  

Feels great to be back in the Airstream, cozy and warm in a tiny amount of living space.  The pups are settling into camp life and we went for a long walk on the beach last night at low tide--Tasha is a water dog, no doubt about it, Ruth Ann seems a bit fearful of the waves, and spends most of her time walking right next to Tasha as to not be swept away.  Our campground offers pretty limited internet and very little service, so I won't be posting a lot over the next few days, but the forecast calls for 70 and sunny starting Saturday and I can safely say that we cannot wait.

Now, if I can only find Pat Conroy.....


Emily, Ian, Tasha and Ruth Ann