The Deep End. 6 Years!

July 12 has come and gone, but I should take a quick second to acknowledge that it was our 6 year wedding anniversary on Saturday!

The past year of our lives has been a literal whirlwind--I'd even really equate it to that little dirt devil cloud of dust that pops up behind the coyote in the cartoons--we have been going literally non-stop, which is sort of funny considering we thought leaving Chicago would help us slow down.  I won't even begin to try to explain what the past 5 days alone have looked like except to say that some massively huge, giant, life changing events have occurred and we are only beginning to really get a feel for how things will change in the next year from now (No. I am not pregnant. Settle down). 

I like this above image because 1) it's of one of the most beautiful pools ever, the pool at the Intercontinental in Chicago, but also the tiling of The Shallow End is really beautiful--and somewhat thought provoking.

Marriage is the Deep End. It's being all in and all there and all present. It's accepting all of the difficulties of your partner and fighting through it and putting up with the insanity at times (this morning I had a full break down in front of Ian because my hair rubber band broke. True story.  I started sobbing, he, unsure of how to react said, "Umm..should I get you a rope?" which caused me to burst into laughter tears...he then further handled it by saying, "Ok...well, I'm going to go buy the windows now"--and then it was over in a moment).

The past 6 years of marriage have been a wild and crazy ride--I think one that both of us have loved--lots of travel, lots of moving, lots of new adventures, lots of risks, lots of new ideas, lots of change--but this past year especially has been knock down, drag out, absolutely crazy in the best kind of way. We don't regret the past year in any capacitiy--we both are in awe of what we've been able to do and how we've found a partner to share it with.  

That being said, there are days when we both look at each other and say "What are we DOING? What is this? Why is it always so busy/stressful/intense/fast/new/different/scary?"  I think the best thing about it though is that we are doing it together and taking the risks together--one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time.  

We celebrated over 4 days in Grand Rapids this past weekend--we were in town waiting on the birth I'm supposed to photograph, but the baby still isn't here!  Cooked some dinner together, exchanged gifts (someone might have received a drum set from a garage sale that serendipitously came into our lives) and just enjoyed being still and sedentary for a little bit.

Happy anniversary to all of you out there who are celebrating today, tomorrow or always.