Must Reads for Summer 2017

This is going to be a quick and dirty version of "What Emily's reading" because I honeslty have 10 books taunting me, but here's what I've read in the past months.  No fun blurbs today--just look at it this way--if there's on this post, then it means they rocked. Get at it, people. There are always too many books and not enough time.



1) The Nightingale by by Kristen Hansen--World War II stuff--and I have been known to say, "I'm so over World War II". Embarrassed face. 

2) Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimananda Adiche--my current girl crush. Fictional account of the Nigerian civil war of the 1960s (yeah, I didn't know there was a civil war either...another embarrassed face).

3) Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? by Alyssa Mastromonaco--former deputy chielf of staff situation for President Obama. A perfect mix of CJ Cregg and Mindy Kailing. Warning: it will make you yern for the days of a seemingly normal presidential entourage.

4) Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein--let's pretend for a second that the title won't create a massive Google flag on your account (seriously, Peggy? Come on girl!)--this book is a MUST READ. I feel like I have gone off about it to all my friends lately, but really, for real for real, get on it. It's terrifying and wonderful.