Let's just....LOVE.

Last Wednesday morning, Ian and I woke up in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA where we were shooting a wedding for a childhood friend.  

I immediately scrolled through Twitter, and, being on the West Coast and thus a couple hours behind our Chicago folks, I quickly realized that DOMA was out and so was Prop 8--FINALLY!  I squealed a little, smiled a lot and thought about what this historic day meant for so many of my friends--it was HUGE.  

Several of my very best friends have fought tirelessly to have their marriages, love, partnership and joy reconized by not only the courts, but also by the general public.  Sure, surrounding ourselves with other likeminded people who support marriage equality is one thing...but at the end of the day, when a court or a stranger on the street has the power to say, "Oh, you may love one another, and take care of one another when you're sick and buy groceries together and squeeze one another's hand during the sad parts of The Voice....even though you do all that, it doesn't really mean you're married," there is something wrong in our country.  And, as a straight ally, this fight for equality is something you admire in your friends, but also something for which you heart breaks as you see time after time, example after example of inequality (and indeed injustice) when it comes to marriage laws.  


 Congratulations Beth and Shelly! 

Congratulations Beth and Shelly! 

Shortly after the announcement on Wednesday, one of my former students texted me the best text, "Now I can finally have you photograph my REAL wedding one day! Yes!"--even though it was tongue in cheek (he's 18 and in NO WAY READY TO GE MARRIED!--protective mother bear showed up there), it was so awesome to see this and know that in his heart, things are starting to make sense.  


With my June newsletter, I was already offering 20% off LGBTQ weddings/civil unions/elopements and vow renewals, but now is even more of a reason to celebrate! 

Thus, some more great options for couples: 

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Use the form below to get in touch for an of these awesome options and let's celebrate love....because in the end, it's just love we're talking about and everyone deserves that, right?  Right.  


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