What's In My Bag: 85mm

This baby.

This baby is my baby. 

Today I am planning to talk a little about the 85mm 1.2L lens from Canon.  I waited a LONG time to buy this lens, looked all over for a good used one, considered buying the 1.4 option from Canon (also a great choice, but I wanted the L version, I'll be honest) and finally found a used one on Craigslist than a fellow pro was selling earlier this Fall for a great price (this retails for close to $2000 new, so when I found a deal, I jumped on it and have not regretted that at all).

First things first--this lens is hefty (we're talking 4lbs of glass alone, not including a body with a grip) but the ache on my wrist is always worth it at the end of a portrait session.  I use this lens almost exclusively for portraits, specifically weddings or engagements, though I have used it occasionally for families and kids. This is a very difficult lens to use, though, and it is certainly not one I would recommend for somoene just getting into photography for a few reasons.  Yes, it is absolutely crisp sharp, even wide open, with a great bokeh (that really pretty blurry depth of field look), but it is also a little tricky when adjusting and definitely has a learning curve to it.  Plus, it's heavy as a beast. Sometimes it even feels heavier than the 70-200, which is shocking, but true.

Long story short--this is an amazing piece of glass.  I sort of treat this lens like a second child and am VERY nervous when Ian uses it, or even when I use it, but it is absolutely a rock solid portrait option.