Back home now: Chicago reflection.


Hi!  I just got home from a few days in Chicago, shooting a bunch of sessions, including a couple that we probably should have postponed due to rain.  And now I'm back in my little front porch office here in this silent cottage community and I wanted to just do a fast post about what the past month has been like, since lots of people have been asking about the move to Michigan and how it's all going for us. 

It's been 1 month and a couple of days since we moved into this cottage and I have to say, it could not be better.  Really, truly, honestly, I love living here so much that I might never leave (we are supposed to move in idea where!)--it's the best.  When I got home this afternoon, for instance, it was raining and I drove past the City Beach on the way up the hill to the cottage and caught sight of 10 or so surfers out in the waves.  When I got to the house, I realized that Ian was one of those surfers as our board was gone--coming home and finding my husband out surfing, rather than sitting in traffic on the Eisenhower at 12:30pm on a Thursday? THAT in itself is reason to move back to Michigan! 

But in all serious--it's great and challenging, all at the same time.  Lots of people have asked me how I like living here, how I'm dealing with the transition to full-time photography work, if I miss the classroom (I do, every single day, no doubt), if the move to Michigan was the right thing and at the right time, and I feel so, so, so glad to be able to say that it was. And it is.  And it is truly right for me and for Ian at this point.  And I do not regret it for one single second.  That being said, it doesn't mean it's been all puppies and roses and rainbows--I definitely have days when I miss Chicago or I miss students or I am craving a chance to talk about The Great Gatsby or I realize that 8 hours have passed and I haven't moved from in front of my computer and I haven't talked to anyone except for Tasha.  It's definitely been a change.  But all in all, I can say with confidence it has been an absolutely fantastic change.   

When I was back in Chicago this week, I had the opportunity to see a whole bunch of my friends who still live there and I have to admit that seeing those folks is the best part about traveling back to Chicago.  I truly think I have the best friends in the world (just like I also think I have the best clients in the world).  It was so nice to sit with them and reflect on how much our lives have changed over the past few years and all the new adventures we are all seeking and beginning.  We are all transitioning in various ways--certainly Ian and I transitioning out of Chicago, me out of teaching, him out of the wine industry, and all of that change is both so exciting and also so terrifying.  And, as we all transition, I feel very lucky to be able to be part of their journeys, regardless of how large or small they might seem to them, they are all journeys of great proportion and importance.  I cannot wait to see what the next couple of years bring to this whole crew as some start families, others consider career changes and still others are thinking of scarping it all and heading out on the road like me and Ian!  It's a wonderful time to be in your 30s, I think--or maybe I'm just beyond fortunate to be living such an amazing life.  I feel very grateful, very grounded, and that I am in the exact right spot for my life right now.   

Now Tasha and I are walking down to the pier to watch the sunset.