CONTEST ALERT: Black and White Wedding!

So, here's the thing--for the past year I've been dying to shoot a wedding in all black and white.  I just LOVE black and white and I think it's beyond timeless and classic.  But for some reason, color has taken over our world--so, I am going to remedy that and offer a MEGA GIVEAWAY/AWESOME FABULOUS DEAL to one of you lucky folks.  

Here's the deal:

I'll shoot 1 wedding in 2015 in all black and white for only $1500.  

Yup. That's time. $1500, including all the normal bells and whistles of my packages...just no color photos. But look at all that gorgeous black and white you'll, you can have your besties capture the color on their phones and such, and leave the monochrome to me. Trust me. This will rock your socks.  

Also, in case you don't see, that's a savings of over $2000!  

Basically all you need to do is nominate yourself, your friend, a family member, the lady down the street, whomever and fill out the form below. Based on the awesome-ness of your submission, I'll choose 1 winner!

I'll be wrapping up this contest on September 2, so if you're interested in getting a mad deal on some wedding photography, do not delay!

Also, feel free to tweet this, Facebook about it, Instagram it, or do whatever else you want to share the word--the more I see you sharing this on social media, the MORE I'll pay super close attention to your entry form (Hint, hint!)

Name *
Tell me all about you, your love, your story, but most importantly, why a black and white only wedding makes sense to you. This is a great time to give me all the wonderful details so I really can tell if you're a good fit! Remember, you're competing against some other folks, so the more detailed and descriptive, the better your chances of being chosen!