Kenn & Katie. Santa Fe Pop Up Wedding.

No matter what I write, I won’t be able to convey how unbelievably perfect this Pop Up wedding outside of Santa Fe was for Katie and Kenn.  I could go on and on about these two. But I won't. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves and hope that they can convey even an ounce of how much I want to have Katie and Kenn live next door to me for the rest of my life.  These two will forever be....just. They sent us a glowing Jesus head. Ok? With no note or card. But we knew it was from them.  This is a cosmic friendship. 

1 picture of a tiny Cate Blanchett hidden in the handkerchief for the ring bearer to find as an inside joke.

1 cake from Whole Foods with 2 adorable custom designed cake toppers, painted to look just like Katie and Kenn, right down to Kenn’s ever present iphone.

21 the number of guests, friends and family who showed up on top of a vista overlooking a valley in Santa Fe to see these two exchange vows.

3: The number of times I teared up during the ceremony.

245: The approximate number of texts Katie and I sent back and forth to one another for months prior to her wedding.

2 very in love people and 2 very, very good new friends.

 Katie and Kenn.  We just.  Well, you know.

Also, the Jesus head continues to rule our lives. Without you He would not be with us.


Katie’s dress maker:  Dolly Couture

Makeup and hair wizard: Eriq Sanchez

Eyelash guru: Kristen Chavez of Ultralashe

Boutonnières: Krista Mae of Krista Sew Inspired   Comic book boutonniere for officant Cuffee: Dana Parlvevliet of danamazing

Katie’s shoes: Fluevogs

Kenn 's suit: Calvin Klein

Guitar player: Tyler Mallory, song "This Will Be Our Year" by The Zombies

Cake: Whole Foods

Cake toppers: licoricewits on Etsy

Ring designer: Vic Sargsian

Ties: The Humble Abode

From the bride:

“The garter was made for my mom by my grandma and she wore it on her wedding day. And the pearls were given to my mom on her wedding day by my dad almost 50 years ago in June! The handkerchief was my dad's that had Tiny Cate in it.”