Guest Contributors Wanted!


As most of you know, I also teach high school full time and I will be transitioning to a new job in April 2017 that is within the education field.  Thus, I am busy--all the time--and I want to keep this blog going, but need some help! 

Enter: YOU. 

I'm looking for guest contributors to share their stories and voices on the blog beginning ASAP. Maybe you have a story of being a female business owner, or a mother, or a teacher. Maybe you have a great skill to share (lace knitting, churning butter by hand, training dogs) from which could benefit? Maybe you're fired up about Donald Trump and you want a space to write about the misogyny and racism you see coming from the White House on a daily basis (I KNOW it's not just me that sees this...)? Maybe you just traveled somewhere awesome? Maybe you are reading some great books or even writing your own book? Maybe you have recently undergone a life change and want a place to shout about it? 

If any of these (or other reasons) might apply to you, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

This blog is really a mishmash of stories from me and sometimes Beanie. It has a focus on our business, sure, but it is also about a space for us to vent, reflect and share things that have happened in our lives. It has a small readership (just being real) but a loyal one.  Our topics vary from photography to love for our state of Michigan to family drama to teaching high school to knitting to Donald Trump. Our tone tends to be feminist and empowering in nature, but we are not above swearing when things get real crazy. There are virtually no topics that are off limits--that's where you come in.

I want you. Really. You. Yes, the person reading this blog right now. You are my next guest contributor. Fill out the form below and let's get you set up to share your story!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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How often would you like to contribute?
If you have written anything or published anything, please share with me a link to your writing via GoogleDocs to so I can get a feel for your work.