An Uncurated Life--Grand Haven Style.

 Photo from  here .

Photo from here.

It's been snowing in Grand Haven for...oh, 10 days straight.

There is over a foot of snow on the porch currently that fell just since I got home from the gym this morning.  The sun came out briefly yesterday (along with subzero temperatures), but other than that, it's been grey skies and powder every day.  This is perfect for winter walking and beach exploration, not so much for driving.  We were supposed to go into Grand Rapids today, but whiteout conditions prevented that.  I'm not sure about you, but I'm ready for a little Spring here.

We're stuck indoors.  And something I've been thinking about lately is this obsession our society (or at least people in my age bracket whom I happen to be following on Instagram) have with curated and styled shoots.  I mean, am I the only person who thinks it's getting a little ridiculous the stylizing that is going into seemingly every shot (and don't even get me STARTED about the passive aggressiveness of "likes" on photos--you know when someone seemingly refuses to like your really pretty or fairly epic photo of something pretty darn amazing like a fantastic sunset or a huge life announcement, but then they turn around and like a near stranger's photo of a piece of pizza...yeah, I know.....whole other can of worms).  

But anyway, it seems like every picture these days is making this absurd effort to illustrate this perfectly charming, idyllic, handmade's ridic, guys.  I have a friend who tongue in cheek has started to tag his photos "#oythetimespentjustarranging..." It cracks me up because he's so right--what the eff is up with all this perfectly arranged shit?  It's not like ANYONE is really sitting there taking a picture of a perfect cup of coffee over a perfectly beautiful handmade quilt.  Well, I mean, I know they are (and yes, I know I am guilty of such), but come on, who really has that beautiful of a life?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I know I sure don't!

I took it upon myself then, upon being stuck indoors in Polar Vortex Part 8 today to capture a little bit of my "daily" and truly "imperfect" life.  I didn't edit or organize or move things so they are "just so"--I shot the house in all it's terribly messy, overworked, "this is a cottage but we're living here too" splendor.  

These are the little things that make this house a home and make it a place to cuddle into in the evenings, but also, hopefully, an indication of truth and honesty--because no one's life is a page out of a Kinfolk magazine, guys, and I sort of think it's time we start admitting that.

[climbs off soapbox]

Without further ado,--our abode of sorts: