Shake It Off. Holy. Moses.

I'm not complaining.

I am loving what I do.

But man, 2 full-time jobs right now is literally killing me.  

We had our first weekend off in 14 weeks this past weekend and it was amazing.

I slept (though not enough to make up for the past 3 months of hardly any sleep).

We hiked (though not enough to help this twitch in my right eye go away).

I tried to refocus and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm down to only 3 more weddings to edit before I'm done with the Fall season. 

But man, am I exhausted. 

This week at school has been kicking my booty and it's only Tuesday.

Kids are needy, antsy and annoying this week.  

I am needy, antsy, and annoying this week.

The only think making me feel better right now is:

1) A long run 2) A Gilmore Girls marathon on Netflx 3) Red wine 4) Taylor Swift's new album (don't hate, she's great).

3 weddings to go.....