Weekend Recap and Week Outlook.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend--it was a doozey of one for me, with loads of travel and work, but had a fabulous time with my 2 couples--Jessica and Austin tied the knot on Friday evening in a very small, super intimate ceremony at Blackhawk State Park in Moline, Illinois and Ashleigh and Bob said their vows on the shores of Lake Michigan in The Headlands Dark Sky Park near Mackinaw City.  

Did you see that there? Eastern Illinois on Friday and Northern Michigan on Saturday? Yeah, I did it--it was intense, involved my good friend Sarah (who was a real trooper and put in an 18 hour day with me, including picking me up at O'Hare at 6am, people), a rented Dodge Avenger, about 7 hours of driving on Friday night, a 20 minute catnap in a Big Boy parking lot near Sawyer, MI, lots of coffee and a super positive attitude, but man am I glad I booked both of these weddings. Both of these couples were just so much fun and I felt so honored to be included in their tiny weddings--small weddings are absolutely the way to go as far as I'm concerned, and these 4 were no exception.  On Sunday when we rolled back into West Michigan, I was pooped and hit the hay pretty early, after an epic sunset walk with Ian and the dogs.

This week is all about the Pop Ups.  We're marrying 3 fantastic couples in the Traverse City Pop Up wedding on Friday near Northport--we're borrowing a cherry orchard from our good friends Kelly and Brian for the Pop Up, Amy, our stylist, is heading North tomorrow to start making her floral magic and Ian and I will join her on Wednesday.  Lots and lots and lots of work to be done, for sure, but we are all very excited to make this Pop Up just wonderful for all of our couples on Friday.  Then Saturday Ian and I will jump in the car super early and head south to Lansing for another wedding.  Then we will rest.  I knew June was going to be an absolute whirlwind, but at least it's a fun one.  Still, I am so looking forward to the near emptiness of July with only a few family sessions here and there and a whole month in the 'Stream up in Empire.  Ahhhh....

Keep your eye on the blog this week for some sneak peeks of this weekend, an update on my new health and wellness plan and a post about what the process of rebranding has taught me in the past few weeks.

Hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful beginning to summer and think good, dry thoughts for Friday in Northern Michigan!