Airstream Renovation Diaries. Entry 1.

Well, we've owned Priscilla the Airstream for 5 years, lived in her for about 6 months, traveled all over the country with her and used her for numerous Pop Up weddings throughout her time with us....all in her original 1987 vintage glory.  But this year is the year we decided it's time to gut and renovate her.  It started simply--we wanted to switch out the twin beds in the back (original 1987 mattresses about 3" thick and hard as a rock) of the trailer to a queen bed and then it morphed into a full on renovation.  At this point, the current status is as follows:

* All flooring and carpet out--subfloor exposed--needs to be repaired for wetness in 2 spots at the front and rear of the trailer.

* Twin beds out and new custom built queen frame in the back--built by Ian like a boss and sturdy enough to hold about 50 humans.

* All the curtains out--will be replaced by white vinyl shades. 

* All the upper cabinets in the rear bedroom and the upper cabinets and nightstands and tables from the front have been removed--this gives the trailer about 2' more of head clearance; it's literally life-changing.

* ALL of the surfaces have been de-glossed, primed and painted white--some surfaces required 3 coats, others got by with 2 coats.  I spray painted all the screens.

* All the cabinets have been sprayed and new hardware installed--spray painting was a lifesaver here! Plus the grain is mostly covered. 

* Front couch/gaucho bed removed--will be replaced by a dinette seating area with fresh cushions. 

The painting was by far the most laborious of all the tasks--I had no idea how many nooks and crannies Priscilla has and how much crouching this project would take--but it looks SO good in there--fresh and white, white, white and clean (finally!).

This weekend we are working on installing a new floor. We went back and forth about what type of floor she would do best with and it seems the overwhelming belief is that vinyl flooring works best on Airstreams--it's waterproof and will hold up well to scratched and dog toenails (Ruth's toenails are mutant, I swear, they grow 2" a month it seems!).  After doing some research on the toxicity of vinyl flooring, we found FlorScor which is a voluntary website for flooring companies to register their products and then get a score based on how noxious they are and the amount of off-gassing their products produce.  We were able to find a floor with a pretty great score at Menards (Menards is my favorite place in the building industry, I think) that is click and lock and requires no glue. I'm excited to see how it goes in--stay tuned for updates on that!

Ian's uncle also built us an awesome custom dinette to replace the goucho bed in the front of the trailer.  The original couch (pictured below with Tasha sitting nice and pretty on it) was floral patterned and RIDDLED with rot and pulled fabric, so pulling that out of the trailer was not only important for my sanity, but also very cathartic.  

The new dinette converts into a queen bed at night, but also is a U-shaped seating area with table during the day. Having a dinette area has been our goal since purchasing this trailer, so I can't wait to see it come together. My hope is to utilize the daybed cushions from Urban Outfitters as the primary seating, but need to do some more measurements first.

All in all, it's been a pretty fun project so far--it's also very tedious though. Last week Saturday we started work at 7am and did not stop until 7:30pm--the only reason I think we did stop is because we had friends coming for the sunset--but we are seeing big progress too, which is fulfilling!

Below are a few before and a few "in the middle" pictures. I'm saving a lot for the big reveal of the finished product which, fingers crossed, will be sometime in the next two weeks!

xoxo friends! Happy 4th of July!