Away We Go! Road Trip.

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Well, if you're reading this, then that means we have hit the road!  We are heading out in the Airstream for a trip that will last, in total for 5 months and take us through at least 15 states and add many miles to our trusty Chevy Silvarado and our lovely little Excella Airstream. 


The plan is to leave West Michigan from my mother's driveway Thursday morning, heading South towards Indiana with the goal to stop outside of Indianapolis our first night at a state park.  Finding accommodations for our large Airstream (31') is a little tricky sometimes, but we've found that as long as we call ahead, most places can fit us in.  Plus, there are many stores and venues that allow free "parking" in the evenings, so a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot here or there is just fine with us.  


We plan to spend a few days in Nashville with our friend Claire and in Lynnville (the small town where my mom's side of the family originates) and then it's onward towards Memphis (Graceland, here I come!) Arkansas and Texas.  


We need to be in Tyler, TX (the rose capital of the country) by November 15 for a wedding on the 16th.  After Tyler, we plan to head over to Austin for at least a week--I'll be flying back to Chicago during some of that time to photograph a wedding and tie up some loose ends with sessions, once I'm back in Texas, our plan is to head East, through Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and into Georgia where we will meet up with Pat Conroy at his December 12 book signing in Raleigh, NC.  


Then, once again, I fly back to Chicago for a wedding, return on the 15th and from there it's onward to Asheville, NC.  After our wedding in Asheville, we are hoping to park the Airstream somewhere and head North with Tasha in tow, getting back to the Midwest for a few weeks around Christmas.   


After Christmas, we'll head back down South, this time to Hunting Island State Park, just outside of Charleston, SC.  We're spending at least 2 weeks here, possibly longer if we're able to snag an oceanfront site.  From here it's a total open book.  We've discussed flying to the Dominican Republic to visit our friend Dale at his art school, or just heading into the Florida Keys for the month of February. We need to be in New Orleans by March 21 and then in Phoenix by March 29, so we'll have some driving ahead of us, with our last planned event being on April 4 in Santa Fe for one of our Pop Up weddings.  After Santa Fe, we're planning to slowly head home--Monument Valley, UT, Lake Tahoe, CA and the Badlands in South Dakota are all on our list of places to hit!


It's all very much a work in progress.  We're both trying not to put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves or on the trip to be "perfect" or planned down to the T--we want to be able to enjoy the open road in a relaxing fashion and, with the exception of the trips we have planned along the way for work, we hope to stick to this commitment.  Truth be told, we've never traveled for this long--we've been on many trips together, our longest being about 2 months in SE Asia, but not for what will end up to be 5 months.  So it's an adventure and an exciting one at that.  We'll continue to update you as much as possible along the way.  


Also, (rather shockingly) we've had several friends and family members ask if they can support us monetarily, which is amazing, and we would be beyond grateful (as would our empty gas tank).  Every dime and nickel counts, so if you're so inclined, feel free to click below and choose a donation amount to a secure PayPal site--our hearts and gas tank thank you!

Thanks so much for reading and for your support!   


Emily, Ian and Tasha