Northern Michigan Summer.

Hello there! 

It's been such a long time since I've done a personal post. Things haven been so busy for us (which is super frustrating since I was hoping July would be a relaxing month!), but they have also been super fun--a few things we've been up to:

--We hosted 3 Pop Up weddings in July at the Port Oneida beach and they were knock down, drag out, AWESOME.  Our 3 couples were literally fantastic and everything about the day was just amazing. I am so excited to share their full posts with you once I get their photos ready!

--I missed the birth--remember how I was on call to photograph a birth? Yeah. I was so stoked about it--we even came home from Northern Michigan for a whole weekend because I had a feeling it was going to happen that weekend (it didn't). The baby is here, but he came on the night of the Pop Up weddings and there was no way I could get back to Holland in order to photograph his arrival. I was so sad, BUT I did manage to get a new, new, new, newborn session in with the little one a day after his birth and it was love at first site. I adore this family so damn much and I can't wait to see them grow!

--We bought a house! Eeeek!! It's true! A real house we can live in! We closed on a house in Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago and I've been keeping it as quiet as I can (Ian doesn't want all of you readers to overrun the house--ha! As if).  This was a huge and exciting thing for us and even though it felt like we were stumbling through mud to get to the closing, we managed to make it, we closed, we go the keys and we feel really excited. Adulthood is setting in.

--The Empire house is coming along--we are working so hard on this house and we are SO excited by the progress we've made. I'll do a full post about Stage 2 of the renovation next week, but for now we've pulled up all the tarpaper and exposed the lathe in the hallway, sanded the upstairs floors, repainted the upstairs and are slowly dropping in windows. We need as MUCH help as possible, so if you're looking for a couple days of hard work in Northern Michigan and you know your way around a hammer get in touch with me (seriously...get in touch).

--We hosted Kaplandia and Malimish Airstream--For months now I've been cultivating a pretty true love for ever relationship with 2 fellow Instagram travelers--the Kaplans and the Malimish Airstream crew.  Both of these groups are traveling across the country, the Kaplans in their awesome vintage trailer and the Malimish's in their equally amazing Airstream.  We've corresponded and talking through Instagram, but when I saw they were heading towards Michigan, I immediately recommended they camp on our land in Empire for a few days. What fun this was! It was so great to connect with fellow travelers and felt super easy and relaxed to get to know them.  Plus, Dan has a DRONE and it takes PICTURES. So that was amazing (see above and below). 

--Education job front--I have mentioned in passing that I'm considering going back to teaching next year. I would like to find a job that fits me and so far I've seen quite a few different opportunities that might be a good fit. I have a few interviews coming up and also some other ideas rolling around in my head about next steps, but I am also really dedicated to being intentional about whatever job I take. I feel like that photography is financially secure enough to sustain me so I don't HAVE to take a job I don't believe in. I need to believe in the work and I think I have a few spots where that might be possible in West Michigan. Stay tuned....

This is the last week of my "vacation" before August hits and we're back to it with weddings nearly every weekend through October. I'm trying to catch up on all my editing before then, but it's slow going. My brain has trouble compartmentalizing everything I have going on--house, new house, school jobs, editing, next steps, travel and then of course wanting to enjoy a few minutes of Northern Michigan beach time this summer.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful July!