Featured on Michigan Runner Girl!

A couple weeks ago, Heather from Michigan Runner Girl got in touch with me about possibly featuring me on her awesome blog about running, Michigan and being a female.  We had followed one another on Instagram for awhile, but we only met one time, totally randomly, when I was running the Glen Arbor Solstice Half Marathon and she was volunteering around Mile 8.  I was grabbing a cup of Gatorade and she was handing it out, and I was like, "Oh my gosh! I think I follow you on Instagram!" She didn't seem too freaked out by this sweaty declaration, which made me feel semi-normal--I mean, when you meet someone whom you've only known on social media in real life in the middle of a really hot race, it's kind of awesome.

At any rate, we continued to follow each other and, as I said, she got in touch about featuring me and I was over the moon excited, and today she posted one of my favorite runs--the Grand Haven Mayor's Run--on her blog, which is SO cool!  Thanks so much, Heather, for only encouraging me to keep running more and more as the winter gets more and more severe!