Away We Go--Part II!


Tomorrow morning (or Sunday, depending on how much of this packing we get done!) we are heading South to pick up the Airstream in Raleigh and then onward to South Carolina--the picture above is the view of the ocean from our first campground at Hunting Island State Park outside of Beaufort, SC.  We're both excited about this part of the trip, but it is so much busier and so much more work than the first leg--definitely not a vacation!  During this time we'll photograph 5 weddings including 2 Pop Ups in New Orleans and Santa Fe and cover approximately 5000 miles.  

This morning as I took the dogs on their constitutional, I was struck by how beautiful the Lake looks--it's totally frozen, still, but the sun was shining so brightly and the ice caves and dunes looked the moon's surface.  I will miss that view during these 6 weeks we'll be gone, but I am also so looking forward to returning to Michigan as it thaws into Spring.  This winter here in Grand Haven has been enjoyable and I'm glad we were here as long as we were--certainly it was isolating at times and the Polar Vortexes took their toll on us and on the dogs, but it was also a really nice place to unwind and catch up on some projects and experience some downtime.  

From here until mid-October, there is absolutely no break in our photography schedule, with the month of June looking like a rainbow threw up on the calendar, so I am excited for the coming months, but also a bit apprehensive about the amount of work we've got cut out for us.

I hope you'll follow along as we set out drop us some notes here and there--especially with suggestions of places to stop, things to see, spots to eat and empty driveways to park in should we be rolling through your neck of the woods.

Also, I am VERY excited to announce that I will be the guest Instagrammer for A Practical Wedding during the month of March.  If you're not already following APW on Instagram, head on over and keep your eyes peeled for some of my photos from the road, Pop Ups and APW weddings along the way--this is a HUGE honor and I couldn't be more excited to do APW proud!

The next post will come from the road!


Em, Ian, Tasha and Ruth Ann.